National Domestic Radio
National Domestic Radio - Host

NDR is the first online based show hosted and produced by domestic workers. We discuss a variety of topics pertaining to being a domestic worker including the MA Domestic Workers Law and a variety of other topics and going ons in the community. Along with being a host, I also edit and produce content. Check out the YouTube channel and website. 

Nanny Breakfast Club
Nanny Breakfast Club - Co-organizer, frequent host, and lover of all things breakfast

Nanny Breakfast Club was created with the intention of stimulating a more interactive nanny community. Being a nanny can be an isolating job so the hope is to get nannies involved in outings to meet other nannies, toss around ideas, and discuss concerns in the workplace. 

Nannies, Parents, and Caregivers of all kinds
Nannies, Parents, and Caregivers of all kinds! - Co-organizer

Networking is an important part of the job when you spend most of your days around kids. This Meetup group gives nannies a chance to socialize, meet new nannies, and participate in fun activities with and without the little ones in tow. 

To learn more about my various projects or to get involved, contact me! >>

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