Childcare Philosophy

My philosophy on childcare is constantly evolving as I learn and grow as a nanny. With every new child there is an opportunity to learn and adapt. Every time I meet a child, I am further convinced that they always have something to teach me. It's a beautiful thing to learn a lesson from a small child. They see the world from a completely different perspective. 

My philosophy starts by recognizing that children are always learning and are an invaluable resource for us to learn from. I nurture this learning atmosphere in many ways. The first way is by providing a fun, safe learning environment where children can play freely with very little intervention. Next, I try to instill love in all lessons - even the hard ones. Lastly, I enjoy letting children guide their learning. I let them lead the way even as young as six months. I let them decide what they want to play with or how. I try to limit instruction on "how" they should play or with what toys. Of course I limit anything that could be harmful but I also enjoy allowing them to test their limits. With older children, I like to let them pick what subjects they would like to learn about or which subjects they really want to delve into. Being out and exploring the world around us is an important aspect of raising a child to in my opinion. I enjoy taking children to  play based classes, museums, play spaces, play groups and so much more! 

Children are constantly learning and the first few years of life can be very overwhelming for them. Tantrums are a part of childhood but I have found that they can most often can avoided when opening up a line of communication as early as possible. A mix baby sign language and American Sign Language has become essential in my child rearing philosophy. I believe that children can flourish when they can more easily communicate their wants and needs. This helps me to find a balance between want the want and setting rules to create a sense of peace and order. 


I love being a nanny and, so far, it has been an amazing and successful career. I hope to continue nannying for a few more years but eventually hope to transition into running a business of my own . I hope to put my vast child product knowledge to good use. In the meantime, I love what I do and I love getting to have fun every single day. 

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