1. I was born and raised in Michigan.

  2. I love dogs - they're my favorite type of pet! 

  3. I love to cook and bake. 

  4. I enjoy traveling abroad. 

  5. My favorite type of music is country. 

  6. I enjoy going to concerts and festivals. 

  7. I am an only child. 

  8. When I was 6, I sprained my ankle playing miniature golf. 

  9. I like to write things down. 

  10. Whenever I grill something, I call my dad for directions. 

10 Facts About Me!

10 Facts About Me....As A Nanny!

  1. I love to sing to children but have an awful singing voice! 

  2. My biggest worry when caring for children is car seat safety. 

  3. I enjoy teaching and using baby and ASL signs with children!  

  4. I love letting children explore through making a mess. 

  5. I have cared for 10 children as a nanny. 

  6. My favorite kid friendly lunch to eat is pasta. 

  7. I own several baby carriers and I love baby wearing. 

  8. When pushing a stroller, I like to listen to music. 

  9. My favorite place to take children is to splash pads/spray decks. 

  10. I love building blanket forts.

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